Wave Desk Top Screens

Click to see Fabric Samples:

 Click to see Fabric Samples:

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Our upholstered screens are manufactured in house and are therefore available in standard or bespoke sizes.

They come with a variety of options such as straight, wave or curve profiles with various trim finished and can be linked if required.

Standard height is 480mm to 280mm, please state if you require a different height.

  • Model            Specs
    WDT800       480h to 280h x 800w
    WDT1000     480h to 280h x 1000w
    WDT1100     480h to 280h x 1100w
    WDT1200     480h to 280h x 1200w
    WDT1400     480h to 280h x 1400w
    WDT1500     480h to 280h x 1500w
    WDT1600     480h to 280h x 1600w
    WDT1800     480h to 280h x 1800w
    WDT2000     480h to 280h x 2000w