Height Adjustable Double Desk



Deluxe Height Adjustable Double Bench Workstation with 3 Memory Presets Quad-Motor.

Fast and quiet quad motors, adjust desk height from 63 to 125 cm in a few seconds.

Comes complete with two 1600 x 800 25mm tops . Double desk frame and advanced controls.

Screen and chairs sold separately.

Advanced touch-sensitive controller with sit/stand timer and 3 memory pre-sets,adjust height with a single touch.

Heavy duty steel construction, stable and sturdy, support up to 100 kg per workstation (200 kg per double desk frame).

Telescopic frame, support desktop of width 110 – 220 cm and depth 70-100 cm.

3-stage reversed columns, dust-proof and more stable, Include cable management tray

The  electric double desk helps reduce your sitting hours and maintain a healthier working habit.

The quad motors run very fast (averaging 38 mm/s, twice as fast as competitor) and quite (< 50 dB, lower than typical office noise level).

The steel frame is stable and sturdy.

These double desks are ideal for open-plan offices to allow two colleagues work face-to-face.

Joint two or more of these double desks together to form a long bench workstation.


Scientists estimate that by reducing your sitting time to less than 3 hours a day could increase your life expectancy by 2 years.

It is highly recommended you take a break or switch to standing position after sitting for 2 hours or more.

Several studies also show lower back pain is becoming a common problem for people sitting over 4 hours per day.

By switching to standing positing regularly,you will be focusing on your work more, extending your life expectancy, and alleviating lower back pain.

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