Deluxe Spinal Cord 1300

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Designed to follow the movement of any adjustable desks / sit-stands, the cable tidy organiser can equally be used with regular fixed height desks. The total height of the cable spine is 130cm (51.20″) and normally is mounted from the under desk to the floor. The base is metal for added wight and stability while the spine itself is strong ABS.

Manage, hide and store unsightly wires and cables in and around your desk. For home or office, this cable management product will give your work area a neat look while safeguarding you from potential trip hazards. Also offer protection form cable chewing pets and cable pulling children.

The system ensures visually attractive, yet protected, vertical supply of cables from floor sockets to any desktop height. The metal weight inside the floor adaptor ensures that the adaptor remains stable on the floor.

60mm Diameter x 1300mm High