Chiro Plus Ultimate

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More work hours are lost through back pain and injuries than any other reason.

And the number of people reporting back issues is rising rapidly.

One reason is poor seating posture at work, especially amongst office personnel.

Chiro High Back and Medium Back posture seating are fully functional contoured chairs.

They are feature rich and highly functional to ensure they can be adjusted to support any user in the best possible way.

They can combat the discomfort of back sufferers and educe the likelihood of posture related medical problems being acquired.

They carry the additional endorsement of the respected chiropractor Dr Robert Bateman and as well as stock fabrics can be bespoke upholstered in any fabric of your choice.

The Chiros match their functionality and quality with a design signature that makes them one of our most sought after big value seating solutions.

Patented product

• 24/7 posture chair approved by a doctor

• Bespoke Upholstered in soft feel fabric available in blue, black, wine or leather

• Multi-functional arms, height and side adjustable

• Multi-position arm pads to help prevent RSI

• Seat slide

• Contoured seat